This superb shed, that of Institute of Backyard Studies Technical Director Dr Chris Block, is one of many featured in the Institute’s latest tribute to deep shed culture, the book Makers, Breakers and Fixers. Many a day or evening, Chris is to be found in this workshop working on some project of stunning complexity. It’s high, well-draughted structure that has huge doors for the dirty great ship he is going to build in there one day. In the meantime, preparations are well under way for the reconstruction of Henry Hoke’s apocryphal truck-mounted audio weapon “Hoke’s Quack of Doom” as shown below in hitherto secret photography of US Army tests during World War 2. Security considerations require that we should draw a discrete veil across further information about this invention until the time is ripe.

.A rare WW2 photo of Henry Hoke's Quack of Doom undergoing field testing. Albert Einstein wrote to Henry recommending that nuclear power was a safer option than this terrifying weapon.