IBYS Membership

For an annual fee of $20 the benefits of belonging include the following:

  • A dandy, important-looking (and highly framable) Certificate of Associate Membership from the Institute.
  • The choice of a ‘Good Shed’, ’Shed Science’ or ’I tinker, therefore I am’ sticker for your shed or car.
  • A space on the Institute of Backyard Studies website to display your own shed stories and up to three photographs. (The Editor reserves the right to edit stories and pictures as he deems necessary.)
  • A 5% discount on the advertised price of all items in the Institute’s online Shop.
  • Regular emails advising of the Institute’s new projects, publications and products.
  • The option to receive email advice whenever new posts or comments are added to the site.
  • Advice about upcoming events in your region at which the Institute will have a physical presence.
  • Other good things as we think of them.
  • And absolutely nothing involving goats.

Price: (AUD)


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