Henry Hoke will just not go away

Despite our best efforts to consign Henry Hoke and his brilliant works to the great book of history, the old coot will not lay down and die!
The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke exhibition continues to tour to regional South Australia throughout some of 2012 and negotiations are underway for the exhibition’s location to Canberra in 2013.
In the meantime the exhibition will be touring in regional SA – Roxby Downs from April 18 to May 27, Port Lincoln from June 13 to July 15 and Goolwa soon after that.
In addition some of Henry’s work will feature in an exhibition at Arizona State University called Emerge
Henry will be amongst a collection of science fiction persons as part of “Powered by Fiction: Artists, Makers, Tinkerers and the Backstories that Inspire Them to Create, presented by Intel in The Design Gallery. Sadly, pressure of work here at the Institute prevents Research Director Mark Thomson from attending and setting them straight.