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Global shed culture

Much to our astonishment, sheds aren’t just an Australian phenomena.

We Love Sheds: and


Shed Style:


Modern Shed:

Secrets of Shedbuilding:

Murmansk’s gorgeous garages:

The Amateur Future of Space Travel:

Interesting ideas

Behind the notions about cognition, identity, handiness and so on that I bring up in the sheds/rare trades books lies some very interesting science and ideas – or at least some good discussions about these things. More suggestions welcome.


These people have appeared in an IBYS book at some time or another. We like them.

Engineering, tools and technology

This is the serious stuff.

Publishers, booksellers and magazines


Some of these people have a very finely honed sense of humour. Some of them are even Americans.

(in Russian – click English button. Weird but interesting)

Interesting makers

The craft world is in a state of turmoil – is it art or is useful?

Organised community shed culture

One of the fastest growing social movements in the country is community men’s sheds.Like it or not, a local community shed has some excellent possibilities.

DIY culture

The DIY engineers are busier than ever, showing some real brilliance here and there.


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Places for the touring Australian shed scientist to visit