Henry Hoke’s Nautical Inventions – History Month event

The focus for the 2021 Henry Hoke story telling event will be his nautical inventions. And where better to hold the gathering of history- stretchers, shed geniuses and backyard scientists than the City of Adelaide clipper ship in Port Adelaide? Well, actually the shed next to it… but it’s a very fine shed.
We’re after your latest Henry Hoke invention/discovery will be very welcome indeed. We will have a fully functional replica of his ‘Himmel Furz’ marine fog disperser (stolen by the Germans during WW2 and repurposed into an anti-aircraft weapon).  If you feel the urge to sing one of Henry Hoke’s obscure (and some say rude) Sea Shanties, you’ll be very welcome indeed.

There’s more. Lots more. Bookings are essential via the History Month website